This is the final episode

My job is to study facts and predict the future, but he’s the one thing I never saw coming.
The Factory is in trouble, and they’re calling in their favor.
I always knew this day was coming, but of all the men they could send to protect me, did it have to be Chad?
I thought I was over him, but having him right here is a sexy distraction I don’t need when I should be figuring out who’s trying to burn Foundation for an Active, Optimized and Rich Youth to the ground.
Our mission is no romantic trip down memory lane.
He’s here to keep me alive, not remind me of everything we used to have together.

Chandra’s all I ever wanted in a woman, I just wasn’t mature enough to realize what a good thing I had when we were together. I wasn’t expecting to get a second chance, and I hate that I’m getting it because her life is at risk.
Chandra doesn’t know that even if I didn’t owe the Factory, I’d gladly put my life on the line for hers. I’ll show her I’m a changed man, even if it means sacrificing everything.

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