No matter how far you run, your past catches up with you.
And always at the worst possible time.

The moment I met Slider, I couldn’t resist him. He stole my heart and won’t give it back. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.
Except tell him the truth.
He can never know the darkness I came from, the threat that stalks my every waking moment.
To keep him safe, I’ll run again, even though it will break my heart.

I don’t just want Sally in my arms and my bed. She belongs at my side, my ring on her finger, forever.
She’s hiding something from me, but before I can get to the bottom of it, I find out she’s in trouble. The worst kind.
Someone wants to take my woman from me in the most permanent of ways. They don’t know who they’re dealing with.
I’ll hand them hell on earth to keep my woman safe.

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