Laura Sweet has a million dollar secret, and it’s hanging on the wall for everyone to see.

Steven Goldsmith and James Evans are partners in more than just a Madison Avenue art gallery.
They also share a fascination for the beautiful and talented Laura.
When a rare masterpiece with a mysterious past comes on the market, they jump at the chance, not knowing it could be the end of not only their business, but the life they are building with the passionate young woman they’ve come to love.

Torn between admitting her role in the shady history of the painting, or sacrificing the only happiness she’s ever known, Laura is left with an impossible choice. And Laura’s secret is bigger than just herself. The dealer selling the painting knows exactly who she is, and unless she agrees to the dangerous deal he proposes, there might not be a way to save any of them from ruin.

Stand alone full length novel that leads to the Curve Masters series.

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