wrong side of law

The Wrong Side of the Law

Love, meet rules.
Rules, prepare to be broken.

Assistant State Attorney Gabriel Cooper is everything a lawyer should be: intelligent, powerful, sexy… and completely, totally off-limits. Especially for his newest employee, struggling law-student Emily.
Romance is the last thing Emily needs when the rest of her life is a mess. Double so for an office romance. Triple when the man is her boss and plays everything by-the-book, with no grey areas or room for compromise. Gabriel might be tempting, but her paycheck is the only thing keeping the lights on in her family’s home.
Romance is too risky, too complicated. No matter how hot the sparks fly between them.
But when her brother lands in jail, facing twenty years in prison for a crime she knows he didn’t commit, Emily turns to the one man she can trust, the man who will fight for justice, no matter the odds: Gabriel Cooper.
Emily knows that he’ll do everything in his power to help, but he can only work within the law, and that may not be enough. Saving her brother might take crossing a few lines. To protect her family, she’d cross all of them, break every rule.
But is she willing to break Gabriel’s heart?

Rules, not hearts, are meant to be broken.