Bundle containing Books 4, 5 & 6 of Iron Tornadoes MC series

Bumpy Ride
You’d think I’d know better.
Better than to fall for a biker, and one from a different MC.
Better than to get knocked up by a Nomad who vanished without a trace.
Better than to try and hide it from my family.

Tornado Warning
Now that Brian “Ice” Hatcher is the new President of the Iron Tornadoes he’s done waiting for Lisa to pick a side.
Ice has known Lisa forever, he’s wanted her almost as long. Sexy, smart, and curvy, she’s the perfect yin to his yang.
He’s given her all the time in the world—three years of law school and then some—to figure out what she really wants. Him, or her career with the state?
She needs to decide and unless she picks him, they are done.
But Lisa doesn’t want to chose.
She wants its all: the man and the career.
Can she pull it off or will she lose it all?

Storm Advisory
Some tastes are too good to be missed.
Iron Tornado and private investigator Whizz approaches women like he does ice cream – a few licks and then he’s on to the next flavor.
Alienor has never been the flavor du jour.
Maybe it was the big brain hiding behind her beautiful brown eyes.
Maybe it was the generous heart beneath the bountiful curves.
Maybe it was the fear that her special sweetness would linger on his tongue.
Who cares what it was? Today the beauty is off limits. Whizz has been hired by Alienor’s family to find her and keep her safe. Whatever he wants to happen between them just isn’t meant to be.
Until he finds out someone is lying to him.