Review Team

Join Olivia's Review Team to receive a pre-published electronic copy of Olivia's next books

Have you written a review for one of Olivia's books?

All it takes to enter Olivia's review team is to have read and placed a review for two of Olivia’s currently published books.

    If you have, let her know:

  • which book you have reviewed,
  • where you have reviewed it and under what user name the review was written.

Once the criteria has been met, shortly before release date, as a review team member you will receive an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of the next book to be reviewed after release. It's that simple!

If you’re ready, click the link at the bottom to fill out the form!

But what if you haven't yet reviewed any of of Olivia's books?

You can download one of her books, which is free in all the stores:

  • As He Bids, the first book of the Curve Masters Series

and another one at 99 cents :

  • Stone Cold, the first book of the Iron Tornadoes MC Romance series

Read them, review them and then click the link below to fill the form to join the team!