From the glamor of being a rising star to the gritty adrenaline of being a fugitive…

I clawed my way out of poverty only to find myself trapped in the golden, glittering world of the people who helped get me there. I trusted the wrong people and now they’ll do anything to keep me from talking.

I’m a wanted woman, my face plastered on screens everywhere, every billboard a potential betrayal.

The only thing I can do is hide, maybe buy some time to unweave myself from this mess I’ve gotten tangled in. It’s an impossible task, between the threats from the people who set me up and the relentless pursuit of the law.

Even worse than the threats and the law, though, is the tantalizing allure of the bounty hunter on my tail. He says I can trust him, but I’ve heard those words before. My mind tells me keep running, but my body and even worse – my heart – say I’m already his.

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