Hold Fast

“A bleakly provocative romance that ultimately affirms the power of love and rough men”
-Christa Wick, NYT bestselling author

“Dark and powerful … disturbingly realistic…”
-Lisa J, Amazon Reviewer

“What a ride. Loved it. This is a definite must read, ladies.”
-franticfairy, Amazon Reviewer

One needs to be rescued.
The other needs to be saved.

Sean : When I was a SEAL, I lived my life by one motto: HOLD FAST.
Those two words kept me alive through years of war, but they couldn’t save all my brothers in arms, and they couldn’t save my career.
Now I’m home, back in the world, with more nightmares and scars than ten men should have, and the only woman who can make me whole again is missing.
I don’t care where she is or who has her. There is nothing I won’t do to find her and bring her home.
To me.
Courtney : I’m trapped, and there’s no way out. I need to escape this cult and leave this hell behind, but I can’t do it alone.
I knew the Church of the New Revelation was a bad idea when my mother brought me here, but I didn’t know how bad. I’m a prisoner, and this noose draws tighter around my neck every day.
There’s only one bright spot in my life, only one man who could save me. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved, but he left me behind when he enlisted all those years ago.
Sean, where are you?

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